#2 | The power of human experiences is grounded in the level of effort or rather lack of it we put into the momentum of meeting that takes place between our senses and our nature. Just like every creative power needs space to breath, the art of experiencing life to be of a good quality needs to be fed by the act of self-reflexivity. No innovation no beauty no internal growth is born through the noise of constant stimulation without reflexion over the past and a conscious decision to move on, to make room space for the majesty of future. This study invites you to open the gate to future, leaving the past behind and welcoming the elegance of “what if” |

Moment #2

WWithout the dark we’d never see the stars  | Stephenie Meyer | The art of living to reach its peak of quality needs to be tested, lived, fought, failed, loved, experienced and continuously created. Every shade, tint, hue has to be explored prior to a decision on what looks and feels good is made and worth being continued as our story. A palette of paints of living experiences allows immersing into the richness of choices, which sometimes might not come out as the expected result. The momentum of self-reflexion opens up the doors of the opportunity to turn blind-spots into guideposts… Your are invited to own the key  |




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