#3 | Living consciously signifies the importance our mind pays to discovering tints and shades of daily moments. The power of the interpretation is rooted in the perspective we take on the ontology of our presence. The state of curiosity towards shaping our understanding of events, moments, and experiences happen to be the choice we make in perceiving life. This study uncovers the sublime surface of senses driven experiences |

Moment #3

TTruly embracing the fragility and tensions of life… brings with it the possibility of true joy  | Peter Rollins | The subtleness of daily experiences enriches the dimensions of our living, the art of living starts with a sincere admiration of the fragility of moments. Sometimes broken, dark, and sad… sometimes lightened, happy and gracefully calm. Life is not one way option, it is an avenue of alleys, sometimes hidden, the other times certainly present. Learning to accept the subtleness of single moments….  |




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