Original Fabric Print | Wall Art Design | Uniquely created | Inspired by Senses

140cmx140cm (+ 8mm aluminium poles attached to the top and bottom hem for additional supporting whilst hanging) | Ready for Use Immediately |



A viewpoint, a perspective, a paradigm, a philosophical school of thought or simply put the way we see and interpret events, happenings, experiences | Regardless the richness of opinions, the easiness of changing perceptions or following a certain idea… the sensation of purity enhances the spaciousness of mind | This momentum of the actual whiteness of our thoughts mirrors the act of preparing canvas for the first strokes of paint… | Preserving the freshness and quality of images… created by us | 

This original design printed on fabric is a luxurious image of subtleness of natural experiences |  Interior wall art + style accessory | Visual reminder of naturally fragranced freshness of fields … bringing a piece of calmness |


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