#13 | Hue of life


Fabric wall art | Authentic design | Study inspired by Senses

100cmx140cm (+ 8mm aluminium poles attached to the top and bottom hem for additional supporting whilst hanging) | Ready for Use Immediately |

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Constantly flowing, continuously in motion, traversing the mind… Bowing down to almighty Thoughts | This is the space where everything begins… where our paradigms are being born and sometimes cherished and cultivated in a straight direction accompanying our journey of life but more often curved, arched, twisted, stretched or lost and found again | This is the flow of life | Always changing | Always different | Always authentic | And always …. just fine because whatever happens it represents just a different hue of life |  

This authentic design printed on a luxurious silk fabric illuminates the constant flow of life, its subtleness and fragility  | Interior wall art + style accessory | Visual reminder of the fragrance of fresh air … allowing spaciousness to fulfill its frames |


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