#16 Not For Sale

Silk design graphic | Original Wall Art | One piece |

100cmx140cm (+ 8mm aluminium poles attached to the top and bottom hem for additional supporting whilst hanging) | Ready for Use Immediately |

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The underestimated value of a structure in our lives is oftentimes the result of realising how much freedom is associated with it | Creativity for some might be the direct result of an event, a personal influence or a thought that entered into grounds’ of ones’ consciousness …. however digging deeper the realisation that the appearance of new perspective is being born through effortless reflections… undisturbed, unspoilt and purely individual is clear | This study is the result of appreciation for subjective structures that accompanying ones lives allow creativity to sit at our table and be the regular guest … | Creatively structured… and structurally creative | 


This visual study of human definition of inner structure mirrors the honour of simple expression of creativity | Printed on linen fabric | Interior wall decor | Black and white design | 



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