#17 | The art of nature


Silk design graphic | Original Wall Art | One piece |

100cmx140cm (+ 8mm aluminium poles attached to the top and bottom hem for additional supporting whilst hanging) | Ready for Use Immediately |

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Immersed in the innocence of natural beauty, the sense of sight has been influenced by the weight of self-reflection. Thoughts are oftentimes underestimated and underused superpowers of living… ensuring that the guidepost of the quality of living is pointed into the right direction … this study is honoring one of many irreplaceable signs of the simplistic beauty of nature | The subtleness of the visual surface of Nature unearths the strength within, the inner power of the mind of human | 


This visual study is an admiration of the pure beauty of nature  | Printed on linen fabric | Interior wall decor | Black and white and blue design | 



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