# 37 | Black . Silk Series

£750.00 £700.00


Power, authenticity, confidence, strength … celebrating the event of raising the inner power … born out of passion, knowledge, experience and no-conformity …. Black is the new luxury … of living |

The meaning of the color black differs from the perspective of its cultural heritage. It signifies power as it combines all colors while celebrating the absence of light, whereas white stands for the absence of colors and represents full lightness | The Art Of Celebrating Richness of Moments that always create a meaningful outcome … the only required element is time … to digest, to appreciate, to step away and look from the perspective of an observer


This piece of series titled Silk evokes the beauty of richness of colors, emotions, experiences, and feelings | The sense of T O¬† B E cherishes the upcoming dimension of living … silk emphasizes the elusiveness of living moments¬†

Printed on silk fabric | 100% natural silk, super soft, lightweight | High-quality silk original art piece | Authentic design | Measures 180cm x 90cm |