# 43 | Creative Escape



Feeling, touching, smelling, hearing, sensing … experiencing. What a joyful interplay comes together to allow this diffusion to take place at our modest kingdom of senses, human being in its fullest glory.

In the 19th century this Spanish phenomenon of Cubism, Pablo Picasso unraveled the purity and essence of colours and their impactful reach over emotions. “Colors like features follow the changes of emotions” {P.Picasso}. This study is the admiration of the emotional side of colours and shades as well as an expression of the greatest respect to this 19/20th century master of colours and forms.

Made from pure silk, this wearable piece of art can also enchant and transform any interior into a private, exclusive and per-invite only art gallery of senses as it can be used as a silk scarf, pashima, thrown or a wall art … infused with scent.


This piece of silk art pays a tribute to senses and colours | The sense of S I G H T  | Printed on silk fabric | 100% natural silk, super soft, lightweight | High-quality silk original scarf | Authentic design | Measures 180cm x 90cm | Infused with a scent of excitement