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Creative Outlet of Moments captured through Human Senses | Authentic Art Pieces |


“Quality is the state of mind” | The credo of living in harmony with the nature of human senses embraces the simplicity and the sophistication of our experiences. The ontology of life creates the constant flow of changes that sharpens the intensity of discovering tints, shades, hues, and tones of living. 

Born out of curiosity of the human mind and its abilities to guard the understanding of experiences, direct perspectives on life as well as a personal journey of filling the gap between being perfect and being authentic, this creative outlet is a hub of uniqueness as a way of agreement between perfectionism and authenticity. 

Every study is an original representation of momentum of living. The self – expression of quality captured in the normality of daily moments is the art of living. 

silk art designs, StorySENSES ATELIER brand has been created by Dr Ania A Drzewiecka, a Polish woman, visual identity consultant, branding marketeer, artist, philosopher, and doctoral researcher. Having worked, lived, and studied across diverse cultures, countries, and linguistic realities, Ania has realized that the weight of visual impact has always remained static. The power of art lays in its ability to capture the uniqueness of simple momenta of living. These are the authentic origins of pure beauty. Inspired by the power of non-verbal communication, Ania has created a space that allows the mind to immerse itself in moments by empowering the freedom of taking some time to stop, re-evaluate and study the meaning of presence | The essence of this approach is rooted in the very first principles of a self-reflection | Ania’s unique pieces reflect the true experiences of living and by creating one-off works, the authenticity of experiences is captured in an artful way. For Studies head to AtelierAtelier |

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